From data storage,WiFi, and rendering farms to cameras and production studio design we do it all. If you need a technology partner that can sell you your camera and graphic design needs at one stop, look no further



We have our own army of talented engineers, technicians, teachers, artists , and creative minds. Our staff is the proverbial balance of left and right brain; we are the technical married to the creative. We also help with out sourcing and staff augmentation






Our motto is "focus on the problems and solutions and not the tools."  We pride ourself on being brand agnostic, and try to peer through the marketing fluff. From data centers to film sets and everything in-between, we are here to assist. We bring a vast array of partners for lighting, cinematography, game design, network architecture and data storage and analytics’s.



Its no secret that the world is changing, and its impossible for your organization to do everything you need to do in house. If you and your company don't adapt you will die. So let us assist with your SEO, Big Data analytics, and automated marketing.

We know the tech and creative industries


Technology vendors don’t know the needs of the creative vertical, and most camera and audio vendors don't get deep into technology. This is where we found our niche'.


Harness disruptive technology


In a world of adapt or die your business is at risk: decentralized manufacturing, data, and collaboration,; we help you not be the horse industry facing the rise of  Henry Ford.  Be the change your competitors doesn't know exist.  From 3D printing and marketing automation to BIG DATA . We will get you there!


The brands you know and trust now work together


We carry the brands you know and trust ( HP, Cisco, Adobe, Red, Sony) and know how to get them work across the board for you. fully redundant secure and fast! No more lost files from the camera to the cloud and beyond


Educate Differently



We know how schools work and how they can work. We can assist you build a creative interactive 4D classroom for both student (K-12, higher education) and employees (continuing education and re-education). Ask us about flipping class rooms and incorporating technology effectively and efficiently


Expert Support



We can support and augment both your creative and technology staff needs. We also can assist with getting you that creative technology to work like it is being incorporated at a Fortune 250 company (redundant and seamless).


Workshops and Interaction


We don't shoot from the hip, nor do we focus on transactional business. We are here to be your consultative strategic partner for the long haul, helping you future proof beyond the marketing hype and fluff. We like to take our time to get to know you as no one's needs are one size fits all. Call today and ask about our interactive value ad workshops.


Full Shop Functionality


We can assist you from computer engineers , to marketing, and more creative resources than you can fathom.


We can architect , design, and then maintain your environment.  We can help bring you the best deal for the best value

Our e-commerce store is coming soon!











A void of resources and knowledge exists within Information Technology and the creative industry in relation with obtaining the right tools to service customers. Obtaining equipment such as high tech cameras and motion tracking gear, as well as rendering farms and data storage solutions are lacking. In an effort to fill this void we aim to sell a complete portfolio of IT products from major manufactures including but not limited to HP, IBM, EMC, along with services such as installation, training, and security. In addition, we intend to sell pro audio and camera gear (Red Camera, Canon, Sony, Arri, Shure, Mackie, etc), along with certifying what IT will work together with AV components.


We help our customers take their business one step further by providing marketing services such as design, social media consulting, search engine optimization, media campaigns, and Big Data Analytics, while also offering.




Our  customers are creative environments such as studios, enterprise customers, school, small non-profit advocacy groups, and others that aim to manage or create intellectual property for distribution. Additionally small businesses, start-ups and other organizations attempting to establish and grow their customer base, and mid-market accounts that need assistance in automating and streamlining production.




We would love you input and feed back. Contact us now and we would happily have a consultative strategy session on how to future proof your organization  and bring back that creative edge with the redundancy and security you need

Our office is located right  on the North Side of Chicago.


AZCS Technology

5660 W Taylor St, Chicago, IL 60644


312 -719-3200


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